Truth for Saints

Religions, Cults & Worldviews: Valuable Answers for Valid Questions.

Truth for Saints

Religious Cults

The difference between a cult, a sect and a denomination...

Church of Christ

Ultimately, this movement was birthed as part of the “Restoration...


(founded by John Smyth in 1609) Started as a Puritan...


All of the denominations, listed on our denominations page and...

World Religions

Where Did All the Religions Come From? The question of...

Disciples of Christ

Eastern Orthodox – Eastern Byzantine empire – began forming alongside...

Holiness Churches

Primarily founded by Phoebe Palmer – born a Methodist, began...

Salvation Army

Founded in London by a Methodist street preacher named William...

Test: What is Your Worldview?

What is the world view that you already hold? This test is designed to allow you to think in generalities to determine an identifiable view of the world, how it works, how it applies to us, the people in it, and how we relate to them, and they to us. As this pertains to your current worldview, the more honest you are, the more accurate the results. You just might be shocked to discover the world view that you possess!


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How to Become a Christian

This article makes it clear, in specific terms with Biblical references, both the bad news that must be grasped first and then the good news (God’s solution for you and the rest of mankind) that must be embraced thereafter which leads to a person’s supernatural conversion to Christ and subsequent eternal life. Jesus said that the path that leads to eternal life is narrow and few are they who find it. This is the “Gospel” according to Scripture as delivered to us by the Apostles.


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