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Christian books and gifts for the whole family

Finding genuine Christian books and resources which are written and produced from a Biblical perspective can be challenging. Here at our bookshop page we hope to make you aware of those items we have either published ourselves or would highly recommend for further reading.

A collection of 50 carefully chosen scripture verses and designs to help immerse your child in the Word of God as they color. Introduce your child to the Bible and help them to learn and understand God’s word for their own life as they have fun and enjoy creativity! Color together with your child and encourage conversations about what the Bible verses and promises mean.
Our coloring book will make a wonderful gift for young girls for birthdays, baptisms, Christmas or at any time of year. It can be also used for Sunday school or church camps to create lessons and fun activities to learn the Bible.Size: 8.5 x 11 inches / 21.5 x 27.9 cm
50 inspirational, cute designs to color
All designs are original and not ai generated
Single-sided pages to prevent any potential bleed through
Printed on bright white, quality stock paper
Premium gloss finish softback cover
All Bible references are noted in the back of the book
Suitable for girls aged 7-11 years, but any age can enjoy
Parents, carers and grandparents can also enjoy coloring, as a fun activity with their children
Coloring books make wonderful gifts!

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