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Nation of Islam: Sect or Cult?The Nation of Islam or “Black Muslims” as they’re known in the US are not considered a “sect” of Islam. Black Muslims are not considered “orthodox” by Muslims but rather, are looked upon as a pseudo-Islamic cult founded by Wallace Fard Muhammad in 1930 Wallace Fard was preached, by the Nation of Islam ‘prophet’ Elijah Mohammad, to be “Allah incarnate”. Mohammed touted Fard as being the Christian Messiah and the Muslim ‘Mahdi’ (Redeemer) however, Fard mysteriously disappeared only a few years after appointing an unemployed auto worker, Elijah Poole, who renamed himself Elijah Mohammad, as his primary spokesman. Fard was never heard from again and Elijah immediately assumed leadership of the group.

The primary leaders were:

  1. Wallace Fard (founder)
  2. Elijah Mohammad (considered a prophet)
  3. Malcolm X, a charismatic outspoken proponent for the nation of Islam. He was purportedly murdered by followers loyal to Elijah Mohammad who was upset over Malcolm’s discovery and subsequent complaints of Elijah’s impropriety with women in the movement. (Two secretaries had filed paternity suits against Elijah).

Nation Islamists basically believe in the supierority of the black race and the inferiority and wickedness of the white race, all of which are preached to be the devil. Nation of Islam believes in a different version of Allah and the prophet Mohammad than do traditional Muslims. It is for these departures from the essentials of the Islamic faith that many mainstream Muslims do not consider the Nation of Islam to be Muslim or even a sect of Islam.

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