Similarities Between Islam & Mormonism

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Amazing Similarities Between Islam and Mormonism

An astounding number of likenesses exist between two very unlikely spiritual bedfellows: Islam and Mormonism. I thought I had stumbled on to these similarities myself and was all ready to plant a flag for my discovery when, after minimal research, it became quite obvious that most of these striking similarities were written about as early as 1873! And of course there are scores of web sites that log even more comparisons than the ones I’ve found below…all the same, its still a very interesting correlation which sheds great light on the journey from the status of cult to a profoundly greater status of world religion (which I believe Mormonism is becoming in its own right).



1. Both faiths were founded by a single solitary young man – Muhammad for Islam and Joseph Smith for Mormonism; Each claiming to be God’s “last great prophet”

2. Both men were disgruntled with their previous religion: Mohammad with Arabian Polytheism and Smith with Episcopal Christianity. Yet both incorporated polytheist symbols and practices into their church “liturgy”

3. Both men claimed extra-Biblical ‘secret’ revelation from God by way of supernatural apparition and both claimed that these revelations came as a result of receiving a visit or visits from an angel; Mohammed – claimed to be visited by the angel Gabriel and Smith claimed to be visited by the angel “Moroni”.

4. Both men discredited the Bible as being “changed by wicked and corrupt priests” (neither gave a date for such a change, a person who changed it, or a specific passage that was ‘corrupted’)

5. Both men wrote a book that contained their secret revelations. Muhammad wrote the Quran and Smith wrote the “Book of Mormon”

6.Apologists for Islam claim that such a complicated work from such a young uneducated Mohammad is proof of the Quran’s divine inspiration. Apologists for Mormonism claim that such a complicated work from such a young uneducated Joseph Smith is proof of the Book of Mormon’s divine inspiration

7. Christian apologists find neither work to be much of a literary accomplishment as both books borrow and/or plagiarize heavily from the Bible – the very book that both authors condemned as untrustworthy.

8. The Christology (The person of Christ) of both faiths varies wildly from the Biblical Christology. Islam – Jesus is a prophet only not the Son of God (biblical view); Mormonism – Jesus is one of many gods (not God Almighty) and is the spirit brother of Lucifer/satan (not the creator of Satan as the Bible states)

9. Both Islam and Mormonism had splits after the death of their founder based on disputed blood lineage of the faith’s successor. Islam – Sunni/Shi’ite and Mormonism – Latter Day Saints/Reorganized Latter Day Saints

10. Both faiths have an infamous tie to the date 9/11 – Islam – Islamic fundamentalists cowardly attacked two buildings in New York and slaughtered over 3000 unsuspecting men, women, and children on 9/11/2001 while many Muslims throughout the Middle East were photographed dancing in the streets in celebration. Mormonism – Mormon militia (under the authority of Brigham Young) cowardly attacked 140 unsuspecting men, women, and children as they passed through Southern Utah in covered wagons on 9/11/1857. The Mormon church has tried desperately over the years to revise this blood bath out of historical existence, but the historical record of the “Meadow Valley Massacre” survives to this day.

11. Both faiths have attempted to erect a monument/memorial to themselves on or quite near the exact site of their most infamous 9/11 atrocities. – amazing hubris.

12. Both Mohammad and Smith claimed to be “restoring true religion” to the earth because “Judaism (Islam) and Christianity (Mormonism) disagreed among themselves which was evidence that they were incorrect and illegitimate and therefore true religion was “lost from the earth” and thus both Muhammad and Smith claimed to “restore true religion” to the earth, which was nice of them.

13. Both Mohammad and Smith were polygamists and made polygamy a major part of their newly introduced faiths.

14. Both men made the claim that their newly “revealed” books were the most perfect ever written. Then subsequently after the prophet’s death both works underwent significant changes and edits.

15. Both leaders, Mohammad and Joseph Smith, had chief lieutenants defect from the faith while under their leadership citing “issues” around the translation process of their definitive religious writings: the Qu’ran and the Book of Mormon.

Joseph Smith


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