Religions, Cults & Worldviews: Valuable Answers for Valid Questions.

(Alexander Mack 1709) From the
Anabaptists and Pietists in Schwarzenau, Germany, in 1709 came a miller
named Alexander Mack who, to express outwardly, a new faith inwardly,
along with 7 others asked to be baptized as an adult (despite Anabaptist
influence, they had only been baptized as infants). This new group
called themselves “Brethren”. This group is distinctly different from
the Unity of the Brethren/Moravian church which was started under Hus
and most closely resembles the now-defunct Anabaptist denomination. Like
most of the Reformed church offspring, the Brethren are strongly
evangelical with a solid adherence to Sola Scriptura.

Open Brethren

Exclusive Brethren

Ties to John Nelson Darby?

Dave Hunt – most famous modern-day member of the Brethren. Shunned for his anti-cessationist views
Congregationalists – do not believe in paid clergy or teachers

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