Religions, Cults & Worldviews: Valuable Answers for Valid Questions.

(based on teachings of John Calvin) A denomination that arose from the Reformed Church in Switzerland started by Zwingli and promoted by John Calvin, whereby the method of church governance was by the elders (presbyters) of the congregation. John Knox took the ideas of his teacher John Calvin and brought Presbyterianism to Scotland. It was embraced as the official Church of the State. The Presbyterians also came to America in the 17th and 18th centuries with the Presbyterian Synod of Philadelphia forming in 1716. and were influential in the anti-slavery movement long before America was a nation. The only active preacher during the Revolutionary war to sign the Declaration of Independence was a Presbyterian named John Witherspoon. Probably the most notable leaders of Presbyterianism in America was Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield whose preaching is credited with sparking “The Great Awakening”. The most recent Presbyterian preachers of notoriety were the late Dr. D. James Kennedy who was famous for his daily radio broadcast, apologetics for Christianity, and his desire to see Christians involved in making a difference politically and R.C. Sproul who mostly focused on correcting theology (toward Calvinism) and Biblical Christian discipleship.

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