Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA)

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Discovered by AB Simpson in 1887 (conflicting reports). Simpson became a Presbyterian minister in 1873 and after several years

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in Louisville and New York, he left the Presbyterian Denomination and began preaching what he called the “Fourfold Gospel” which is the codification of Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, Coming King. This Fourfold Gospel was adopted by the Assemblies of God and then was used as a cornerstone to the founding of the Foursquare Gospel Pentecostal movement a couple decades later. Simpson had a significant influence on the Pentecostal movement but after Simpson’s death in 1919, the movement dissociated itself largely from Pentecostalism and the doctrine of speaking in tongues as proof of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Christian and Missionary Alliance movement would not “officially” become a denomination until 1974, but as with most major movements, by virtue of the membership and number of worldwide churches, they would have been considered a denomination long before they considered themselves one. CandMA has a strong emphasis on Global evangelism that dates all the way back to Simpson’s outreach to the African Congo in the late 19th century.

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Whereas they are no longer considered “pentecostal” they are considered a solid evangelical denomination adhering to the essentials of the Christian faith with an emphasis on living it out daily.

Perhaps the most well known CandMA preacher was A.W. Tozer who was both an author and Christian theologian. His books “Knowledge of the Holy” and “The Pursuit of God” are still incredibly influential and even instrumental in Christian discipleship across most denominations.

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