Amish Religion

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(Founded in Switzerland by Georg Blaurock, Conrad Grebel, and Felix Manz 1525) This movement began with the birth of a baby to Conrad Grebel.
Anabaptist History
Even though, in Zurich there was reformation everywhere, still Blaurock, Grebel, and Manz could not understand how a baby could choose to be a member of a church when all it could do was cry, eat, and dirty its diapers. This line of thinking was considered rebellious in the eyes of the newly reformed church and these three preachers were ordered to stop such “heretical” teaching or leave Zurich. Blaurock asked to be baptized in the apostolic manner and all others were baptized the same. They were called the “Anabaptists” which means “re-baptizers” by their detractors. Indeed the preachers did leave Zurich and met for the first time in a church free from government influence. The Mennonites, Hutterites, and the Amish are all direct descendants of this group. The Anabaptist belief emphasized: Sola Scriptura, Seperation of Church and State, Baptism of the Believer (not the auto-infant sprinkintile), Freedom of Conscience, and Holiness of Life. It is this last tenant that gets a little legalistic in that they flatly rejected Luther’s Salvation by Faith Alone in Christ alone and felt that it did not emphasize the believer’s responsibility to live a holy life.