International Church of Christ (ICC)

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The Church of Christ is not to be confused with the “International Church of Christ” (ICC or ICOC) which, as of 1993, is the new name for the “Boston Church of Christ” disciples movement. The Boston Church of Christ was founded by Kip Mckean of the Crossroads Church of Christ movement in 1967, itself an offshoot of the mainline Church of Christ. Unlike the mainline Churches of Christ who do not have a “headquarters” per se, The ICC has a main HQ location in Los Angeles called the Los Angeles International Church of Christ. The ICC Disciples church takes the anti-denominationalism of the early Church of Christ a step further, actually referring to the denominations as “sin”. There is a very rigid and strict observance of McKean’s discipleship programs which borders on hyper-control and legalism. The ICC believes in Baptism by immersion for salvation, a tenant of faith that has been rejected by mainline Churches of Christ. However, aside from these somewhat unorthodox beliefs and practices, the ICC adheres to the essentials of the Christian faith that would call for its inclusion in the pale of orthodoxy.The ICC is considered by many in orthodox Christianity (including some mainline Church of Christ leaders) to be a cult, others like the website, simply consider it to be orthodox in doctrine but problematic in its control over its believers and its belief to be the one true restored church (cultic in behavior). I tend to agree with regarding the International Church of Christ.

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