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(John Hus 1410-15) The Unity of the Brethren actually pre-dates the Lutheran movement in that it can trace its roots back to John Hus’ teachings prior to his execution in 1415 (Hus began a small secret gathering of believers prior to this time). Hus was

Where did the Moravians and Unity of Brethren come from?

one of the early 15th century dissenters of Roman Catholic authority and as such, was burned at the stake for his objections to the authority of the Pope. Despite Hus’ martyrdom, the small group continued to practice apart from Catholicism and enjoyed some growth long after Hus’ death. The group officially formed as the Unity of the Brethren in 1457. The Unity of the Brethren churches in the Czech lands actually acted as a safe haven for the Anabaptists. Under intense persecution from the Czech monarchy themselves, many of the UOB movement fled the country and eventually joined the “Moravian” movement. The Unity of the Brethren and Moravian Churches have congregations throughout the world today and both trace their roots to John Hus

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