Similarities Between Islam & Mormonism

It is a remarkable fact that Mormonism, which began as a sort of “imitation” of Biblical Christianity and Islam which began as a sort of “imitation” of Judaism both have such striking similarities between their prophets, their writings, and even their history of dealing with those around them whom they deemed “infidels” or “unbelievers”. I’ve catalogued a few of the similarities and included them in this truth or consequences blog post. For more information on Mormonism visit our LDS or Mormonism page. To learn more about Islam, visit our Learn About Islam page.

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Definition and Overview of Judaism Founder(s) of Judaism Abraham Founder of the Hebraic bloodline appx 2000 B.C. – Great grandfather of the 12 tribes of Judaism. (also considered by Christians to be the “Father of Faith”) Noah’s son Shem settled in a region that became known as “Ur” in the Chaldean Kingdom (modern day Iraq).

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Religious Cults

The difference between a cult, a sect and a denomination Many cults today claim to be either a “sect” of the main religion from which they spawned or worse, simply a “denomination” of Christianity. It is for this reason that it is important that we define our terms carefully. Once we know what a cult

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