Exegetical Theology

What happens when you die?

What happens when a person dies? What do the major religions have to say about the afterlife? Judaism Among the Jewish line of thinking, there is a belief that this present life is all there is and that one’s present accomplishments and ‘legacy’ are what makes that person immortal. There is also a small contingency …

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Truth or Consequences

Articles of Truth and Belief for the Saints The following articles help to shed light on matters of faith, belief and world views. Many of these entries take a deeper look at subjects that are discussed on this website or address specific topics raised by visitor emails via our contact page. Do you have a …

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TFS02: Structure of the Bible

Overview of the structure, history, and key content of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and an overview of the inter-testimental period from Andrew Hamilton, Bible teacher and author of truthforsaints.com with contributions by Dr. Ken Hochstetter, author and speaker.

Podcast Episodes

Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts Discussions and instructions in matters of faith, the Bible, cults, world religions, worldviews, philosophy, denominations and church history, eschatology – end times, truth, and Christian liturgy. We discuss theology proper, Christology, soteriology, and so much more! Listen on Spotify Truth for Saints Podcast Listen on your iPhone Truth for …

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Are you seeking an answer for your questions? Send them through to us via our CONTACT PAGE and either we will do our best either to answer them directly or point you toward another reliable source/resource. Either way we will try to get your question answered! The following questions are some of the more frequently …

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