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What happens when you die?

What happens when a person dies? What do the major religions have to say about the afterlife? Judaism Among the Jewish line of thinking, there is a belief that this present life is all there is and that one’s present accomplishments and ‘legacy’ are what makes that person immortal. There is also a small contingency

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Serbian Orthodox

   Serbian Orthodox – Established Between 7-9th centuries A.D. Perhaps the longest process of conversion of all the early denominations, the Serbs were converted to Christianity not long after their arrival in the Balkans which were formerly occupied by various nomadic Germanic tribes like the Goths and Visigoths, and thereafter the Huns. This church began

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Church of Greece (Greek Orthodox)

Photo by George M. Groutas –, CC BY 2.0, CHURCH OF GREECE (Greek Orthodox) – Emerged 1850 As Distinct from the Eastern Orthodox Denomination. Greece can truly be considered the “cradle” of Christianity as the Gospel was first brought to this region by the Apostle Paul, his close companion Titus, who preached in

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