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Father Son and Zen Buddhism

Some time ago, a visitor to wrote a kind email and had a very practical question about allowing his son to “explore” various world religions. I hesitate to reply dogmatically to such a question so answered the best I could in the vein of “here is how I will handle that question Read More...

Top 10 Most Bizarre Religious Practices

This is a fantastic list of 10 of the most fantastically bizarre religious practices: Baptism for the Dead, E-Metering someone For Invisible Dead Aliens, Refusal of Blood Transfusions...the list goes on!
I found this at, a great website of top 10’s! Most of the information on this list is taken from

Haitian Government Makes Pact With Satan

This is an interesting article that was published a number of years ago regarding the Spiritual past of Haiti. Pat Robertson took a lot of secular flack for his Spiritual perspective on this issue. Voodoo has apparently been named as the “Official Religion” of Haiti, but voodoo and/or the satan of voodoo to whom they swore allegiance did not serve them well. Sadly, as of this writing, Haiti has experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that completely destroyed the capitol and has left over 125,000 dead... Read More...