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Origin Of The Church of Christ

I noticed that you had the churches of Christ originating from the Holiness church. This is not the case. Most denominational historians believe that we came from the Presbyterians. This is because they believe that we owe our origins to Thomas and Alexander Campbell. Both who were Presbyterians. Q27Z37PXCNGA Read More...

Are All Gods Simple Expressions of The One True God?

Islam believes in a single spirt-god named Allah, whose will can override all logic and reason. Hindus believe in 330 million gods that includes cows, men, 8 armed women, etc, Buddhists believe that the Buddha, a former Hindu man who refused worship, is god, while Christians believe in One God in 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Are they all representative views of the One True God? Read More...

Top 10 Most Bizarre Religious Practices

This is a fantastic list of 10 of the most fantastically bizarre religious practices: Baptism for the Dead, E-Metering someone For Invisible Dead Aliens, Refusal of Blood Transfusions...the list goes on!
I found this at, a great website of top 10’s! Most of the information on this list is taken from